We're Looking for the next JTC Ambassadors for the upcoming JTC Trade Mission to Peru (February 15th- 26th, 2017)
Apply Now!
All applicants are required to develop a 4-5 minute video uploaded to either Youtube or Vimeo explaining why they think they should be a JTC Ambassador. Please answer the following questions in your video. You will be asked to insert the link to the video at the end of this application form.

Please answer these questions in your video. Be sure to be precise, creative and unique!

1) What is your brand? (what makes you unique and what skills/ attributes will you bring to the team?)
2) Why do you want to represent your region as a JTC Ambassador?
3) If selected, how would you use this experience to then give back to Global Vision and your community?
4) What is your plan to raise the required $4, 500 in sponsorship?
5) What sectors would you like to represent and why?
Your full legal name

Phone Number

Your date of birth

What's your occupation?

Please give us more information on the question above. If you're a student, what is the name of your school and your major/ subject interest? If you're employed, who is your employer and what industry/ profession are you in?

Where is your hometown?

If you aren't living in your hometown now, please indicate your current location

Insert the link to your video application here

How did you find out about Global Vision and the JTC Mission to Peru?

Is there anything else we should know about you as we make our decision?

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